Thursday, May 31, 2012


Confirm ke tak confirm??
(kalau nk baca dalam BI boleh translate pakai google translator-utk pembaca warga africa) :D buat kesekian kalinya, aku dah lama tak post dalam blog sendiri..bukan apa,aku ada banyak benda nk kene buat (konon2) je..tapi seriously, kalau nak buat ayat2 cm sesetengah blog buat tu,creative yang amat mengalahkan blog2 wartawan hiburan..cerita sensasi,citarasa terkini lahhh.up-to-date bukan main lagi..mengalahkan windows system yang skg ni dah sampai window ke laut pulak.. sebenarnya nak share cerita pasal permohonan aku nk confirm dlm perjawatan haritu..oh man..kene panggil masuk bilik boss yg incharge bhagian penyelidikan..seram sikit la...masuk2 je,terus kene reject permohonan utk sah jwatan..Whatt!!..ak berkata dalam hati....sebabnya tak lain tak bukan sbb research ak tx memadai..apahal pulak?sebelum ni org lain hantar boleh je lepas..bila waktu aku, byk pulak cekadak cm cekodok...research tak memadai la apa la...padahal org yg jd boss pn org dr department kita..kurg2 bantula luluskan ...ahhh..ak malas la nk pikir..terus ak keluar bilik tu dgn muke hangin..ok fine...ak buat research lain,kalau tx lepas jugk utk kelulusan, aku nk report kpd persatuan boss2 semenanjung malaysia...ok..tu je cerita ak buat masa ni..sbb kalau nk cerita lagi,mmg mendidih-didih cm air yang ditanak atas dapur gas berserta menyirap yang mcm air sirap kat kenduri kahwin..:O sekian....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Playing Field

My current post is about something that I really getting mad about. It is more about the issue of our playing field, particularly the football field in this area that has been conquered by lousy makcik’s that supposed to look after their children or cooking in the kitchen making kuih…How the hell they come up with the idea of making this precious open space as their training field for netball? All those makcik’s play netball almost every day...Well, they don’t really think hard enough as their act may make us feel annoying and angry.

As u can see here, open space such as field is very scarce in this neighbourhood and we only have this one tiny little space (about 1 acre) called playing field..Without this field, we are all doom feeling useless and bored during the evening time doing nothing except lepak2...For your information, I’ve been playing in this field from the very day I moved in (1992) up till now..’Please spare the field in the weekend for us to play football...please…please... (My friend said this to me while he’s crying continuously..just exaggerating..hehe)...

As a conclusion, Please give us back our field!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just as i suspected..It's coming..The Raya's is coming...Wohohoww...

This posting is not about someone name Rayagopal..nor Jalan Raya or Hantu raya..haha..what the hell am i talking...Btw, seems like more works to be done in the upcoming holidays..I’ve got about three assignments to work assignment involves writing up the literature review for the hedonic method..It may look easy but finding the current previous research is a tedious process and time consuming judging from my snail speed broadband..sigh (mengadu domba padahal kerja tx banyak pun)..This year raya’s holiday, I’m not going to follow my parents to balik kampung. The fact of having these complicated assignments hindered me from going back..I guess celebrating the raya in my crib is not a bad idea after all..With all the neighbours have already left for balik kampung at the time of first raya, I can really enjoy peaceful time sleeping and watching tv all day long..erkk..Am I already forgetting about the assignment??haha..

Remembering the good old days of raya when I was a toddler, I used to follow my friends visiting from house to house in search for duit raya.. We’d even gone to many strangers house. One interesting story is that, we had visited a house resided by a few male bachelors consists of a rockers people in the other locality. We really didn’t know that these peoples are actually a famous rock band in Malaysia.I couldn’t believed it..I like rock...Nahhh..ahaha. In respect to raya memory, after collecting a lucrative amount of duit raya, me and my brother pay a visit to the groceries store..Our purpose is to obtain the toy that we’ve long craving to grasp it in our hand. At that time, we even asked our parents to take us to the shopping complex and used our duit raya to buy toys. I bought my cheap red coloured remote control car. That was my most wonderful toy I’ve ever had at that time.

Presently, as I grew older, raya is still a special occasion for me. Hopefully loads of open house and makan2 would be organized by many peoples within my circle of friends..Syedappp…Owh well, I couldn’t write further as I need to do something important before raya…Guess what?? It’s Shopping!!!!

Btw…I like to wish everyone a Happy Raya Aidilfitri…Have a Blast Celebration and Holiday

Sunday, August 23, 2009

We've Got It Going On...

Listening to the we’ve got it going on song by BSB really reminisced me about the good old days of the boy band era. How I miss that era. Looking at their video clips, it’s really pumped my adrenaline to dance like them. So cool. I don’t even care if their voice sound like a donkey but hey, as long as they look good, I’ll be glad to buy their cassette album. Back then, my brother and I were a boy band fans and we’ve got many boy bands cassette such as the Backstreet Boys first and second Album, Boyzone, Take 5, 911, and others that I cannot recalled.

I still remember during my secondary school form 1 and 2, I used to have the hair style like Nick Carter. Supposedly, I look smart in that hair style. Straight and soft nothing like today’s hair (curly and more like a brush).haha..During my science class in form 2, when everyone else is silence doing their exercise, I am the only one sang the BSB song when doing the exercise. I’m kind of occupied with it that I don’t even aware that my voiced was too loud. They laughed at me straight away after that. Embarrassment score for me. Aishh..But hey, I think that’s because they are jealous with my voice. I believed that my voice is the combination of all BSB members voices put together. Haha..just kidding. Beside the BSB, I love the Boyzone songs. Slow and yet very powerful in terms of touching my heart with their sweet lyrics. My evergreen Boyzone song is ‘I love the way you love me’. Listening to this song makes me feel very peaceful. Another group called themselves Take 5 is also one of my favourite up till now. In respect, I loved all of the boy band groups appeared during the 1997 to 2000 period.

I guess I belong to the boyband era more than anything else.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Berpuasa, Berbuka, Bersahur.....

After coming back from wasting time session around 3 a.m with my few homies, i managed to pull my ass out and try to write something on this little blog. During my lepaking session, one of my friends spits out something funny. He tried to pronounce air kathira but eventually, air kathaira words popped out from his mouth. We all laughed out like hell. When someone tersasul, suddenly it reminds me of someone closed where she came out with funny words ‘Makanan Hebat’. She said “tidak bawak makanan hebat (at the same time pointing at my laptop)? I’m like, what? makanan hebat??When did my laptop becoming Makanan Hebat??if I bring that makanan hebat, it would be history as I am very hungry at that time..haha..I laughed all the way to the mamak stall.

For your information, my friends here are well known for their tak puasa attitude. I can still remember clearly how they took the clothing plastic bag and placed the food inside it so that no one would able to notice that food. And their infamous ‘tx puasa’ lair up till today is in the Block 5 Flat in front of the Kadir groceries store. Hoped that they don't 'molotov' me for disclosing their crime spot..haha..

Owh Yeahh..Finally we are already at the beginning of Ramadan Fasting month. Today is my first sahur in my parents’ house after 6 years of sahur in perantauan. Feels great to come back and the best part is, I can save my budget as BERBUKA and SAHUR expenses are to be borne by my PARENTS.

Lastly, I want to Wish Everyone a Happy Ramadan and Take Care of Your Health…

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gecko Man

Discovery channel is in fact one of my favourite channel on Astro. Having watched the repeated telecast today about the TV program called Prototype This, it gave me some general idea on what I want to write in this small potato blog. The Prototype This program for this week is about the idea of creating a device that can assist human in sticking to the wall more like the popular comic book superhero, Spiderman. They called it as a Geckoman to distinguish it from the Spiderman. They are divided into three groups, responsible for researching and creating the Geckoman device. What really amazed me is that, their culture of research in the US is quite stunning. At the initial level before they came up with the device, they pay a visit to certain universities in search for the previous or undergoing research so as to implement it to their cause. When they came to the universities, astonishingly these universities have the prototype in form of sticking robots. Even it is smaller in scale, I bet it can be improved further in the future.

What I observed from this program is that, the research culture in the context of scientific research in US is by far the most extensive and advanced. They even have a company in which specialized in design where we can submit our product design and they could come up with that prototype product in a jiffy using highly sophisticated machines.

Watching that series, made me realized that our scientific research culture is still lagging behind those in the western counterpart. Even though scientific research is not my forte, I guess the culture and procedures of scientific research is not much differs from the social research. It can be adapted further to enhance the quality of social research. From my 5 cents of thought, social research involved more intangible aspect where it plays with the attributes of the subject matter. As such, in real estate study research pertaining to the effect and cause of the interest rates towards property prices. These variables even though can be measured, but the effect is in intangible form. The relationship between variables is eventually attribute itself. That’s how I perceived social research. Being in the academic field seems to satisfy my hunger towards knowledge whereby I can achieved it through conducting research. It is hopeful that I am able to contribute in research field for the benefits of mankind in the future.

16 August 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Iron Man of Malaysia, Asia and the World

Owh man…felt like crap today. Get scolded and terribly mad at my classmates. It’s okay since I’m such a happy goers and wouldn’t care anything. Do I need the attitude adjustment or them? Maybe the mindset between me and them are different after all.

Hey, that’s not what I’m intended to spit out in this blog. I just wanted to share my reading ritual whereas for almost 5 months since the last time I interested reading a book, I found one book about my idol; Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (TDM), our beloved ex-prime minister and the greatest statesman in Malaysia, globally well known. I am able to recall clearly when I was a 3 year old boy at that time, I used to tell my mom, that I look like TDM when I wore her spectacles. During this age, I’ve already recognised TDM by watching his appearance on TV. In respect, I still remember when my mom took me to the polling station during the Election at the age of 4 more or less. I watched the TDM poster in front of the BN election camp and felt proud by having such a great leader during those days.

Forget the past, stick to the present, this book entitled Mahathir Mohamad; Prime Minister of Malaysia by M. Rajendran. The book aspired me to emulate the intelligence, consistency and strength of TDM. I have read a few chapters of this book and it is interesting to note that this book consists of numerous valuable information pertaining to challenges previously faced by TDM. It is remarkable how TDM managed to survive many obstacles during his 22 years of premiership. As a young generation born during the TDM reigns of premiership, I am so grateful and respect TDM. I really look high upon him. His contributions and ideas facilitate transforming this nation into a well developed nation in the context of economically, socially and politically. I missed those days when we lived in a peaceful and harmony among races during his years as a Prime Minister. What amazed me is that TDM is quite strong and his age doesn’t affect much on his intelligence as in contrast with other old folk with similar age to TDM. They would become ‘nyanyuk’ as the time goes by. I guess TDM has his own fountain of youth. There are many other things that I would like to share but unable to write further. But no problemo. You can still find and read the book to know more.

As my fingers snap and my backbone ache a little as a result of bad posture, I have to stop this writing for now. It seems like I don’t have any readers following my blog, I would still wanted to write a few things ahead after this. I seems to enjoy writing. Hehe...
15 August 2009